Rovio’s revenue increased by 94% in the second quarter

Rovio Entertainment Ltd.’s strong growth continued in the second quarter of 2017, with the company’s revenue increasing to EUR 86.2 million (EUR 44.5 million in Q2/2016). The year-on-year revenue increase was 94.0%, mainly due to the continued strong performance of Rovio’s games, as well as the revenue from The Angry Birds Movie, a global blockbuster animated movie released in May 2016. During second quarter, Rovio also successfully launched two new games – Battle Bay and Angry Birds Evolution.

The revenue of the Games business unit increased by 65.0% and amounted to EUR 61.3 million (EUR 37.2 million in Q2/2016). The growth was driven by a 30% increase in the number of monthly paying users and a 51% increase in revenue per monthly paying user.

The revenue of the Brand Licensing business unit increased by 242.6% to EUR 24.9 million (EUR 7.3 million in Q2/16). The strong revenue growth was due to revenues from The Angry Birds Movie released in May 2016.

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Rovio’s revenue increased by 94% in the second quarter