[Source: Jake Flomenberg, Accel] There’s a big shift happening in how enterprises buy and deploy software. In the last few years, open technology — software that is open to change and free to adopt — has gone from the exception to the rule for most enterprises. We’ve seen the IT stack redrawn atop powerful open source projects, with developers opting for an “open-first” approach to building solutions.

More than 78% of enterprises run on open source and fewer than 3% indicate that they don’t rely on open software in any way according to a recent market survey by Black Duck Software. This is a new wave in software — one that’s not only displacing incumbent markets, but creating entirely new ones. We call these Open Adoption Software (OAS) companies, and we believe they’re primed to build meaningful businesses — and drive large economic outcomes.

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The Next Wave in Software: Open Adoption Software (OAS)