Welcome, Eli Collins, Accel’s Technologist-in-Residence

First published October 23, 2018

We’re thrilled to welcome Eli Collins back to the Accel family in a newly formed role: Technologist-in-Residence.

We first got to know Eli when he joined Cloudera as an early employee and served as Chief Technologist and Vice President for nearly a decade. Prior to his time at Cloudera, Eli followed the Silicon Valley playbook and dropped out of his Ph.D. program to join a little-known company called VMware.

As Accel’s Technologist-in-Residence, Eli will be advising Accel’s portfolio companies, as well as evaluating new technologies such as cryptocurrencies and providing guidance on investment opportunities. Given he had a front-row seat at two hyper-growth companies, he’ll also be able to share his insights on scaling and growing organizations.

Now that Eli is officially on board, we look forward to connecting him with the broader Accel portfolio. He can be reached via LinkedIn or email at