At Accel, we’ve talked a lot about the importance of building an enduring firm. To do that, it’s incumbent on us to continue to find and support the next generation of great investors. We recently announced the addition of two fantastic investors to our growth investing team—Maya Noeth and Ethan Choi—and now we’re excited to share another addition: Cherry Miao.  

We first got to know Cherry while she was a VP at Accel-backed Lightspeed HQ, where she led data, analytics, information systems, and corporate development. Over five years of working together at Lightspeed, we were consistently impressed with Cherry’s intellectual rigor and entrepreneurial approach to problem-solving. Cherry played an integral role in scaling Lightspeed from 60 people to over 600 employees by spearheading transformative acquisitions that brought Lightspeed into new segments and regions, leading significant capital raises (including CDPQ’s 2017 $166m investment in Lightspeed), and turning Lightspeed’s data into actionable insights.

Before Lightspeed, Cherry worked as a private equity investor at Audax Group and Lindsay Goldberg. At Accel, she’ll be using her prior experience in investing and operations to find and work with growth-stage companies with global ambitions. We’re thrilled she’s joining us.

– The Accel team